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Collaborative divorce can save the family house

If that’s really what you want. For many divorcing couples, that’s what they think they want and it can make things a bit contentious. If it’s a divorce by litigation, it can lead to the court making the decision for you—usually that is to sell the home and split the proceeds. Collaborative divorce keeps the… Read more »

How do you rate a collaborative divorce?

Television networks have the Nielson’s. Attorneys have Martingale-Hubbard and Avvo. Couples going through a collaborative divorce, however, act as their own rating service during the course of the proceeding and grades are based on whether or not both parties’ objectives/goals are being met. Confused? Let’s take a step back. At the first meeting of a… Read more »

Wall Street Journal article on mediation

The Wall Street Journal ran an article a few weeks back entitled Five Strategies to Get a Better Deal in Mediation by Veronica Dagher. While the article refers to business as well as divorce mediation, to be honest, it kind of ticked me off—mostly because of the title.

Who gets the debt?

Opening discussions in any mediation or collaborative divorce typically center on topics like the children, the house, the savings account, retirement funds, etc. Very few include things like the amount of debt accrued within the marriage. Perhaps it should. Whether it’s mediation or a collaborative divorce, the most common types of debt I encounter are:… Read more »

A holiday time share—a good or bad idea?

Even for divorcing couples who get along and are working towards an amiable resolution, holiday visitation can be a contentious point of discussion. And unless you have been divorced before, questions are many: where for Thanksgiving? Where will the kids be on Christmas morning to open up presents from Santa? What are appropriate arrangements for… Read more »