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Alimony durational limits and mediation/collaborative divorce

By now, most people have heard about the new Massachusetts’ alimony laws and how the length of time for alimony payments—at least for general term alimony–is factored based on the length of the marriage. On paper, you would think this might simplify things if you plan on mediating your divorce or going through a collaborative… Read more »

Mediation – What’s it really like?

Over the years, I’ve mediated dozens of cases. One thing I try to be cognizant of is that, for most people, this is their first mediation (and hopefully their last). So while this might be routine to me, it can be a trip to the unknown for divorcing couples who are already in a highly… Read more »

Divorce Coach, Part II

Have you ever been so angry you wanted to scream? Did you ever let yourself actually do so? You felt better afterwards, right? Probably much better, almost to the point that you weren’t really angry anymore? In a way, that’s the kind of catharsis hiring a divorce coach for your collaborative divorce can bring.