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Three things to best prepare for your divorce

I recently stumbled across a blog that pooled 48 divorce mediation experts about suggestions to help people best prepare to go through a divorce. Specifically, the author asked each for three things.  Nobody asked me, but having done this for more than 25 years, I have a few thoughts on areas where people going through… Read more »

Pre-nups: The key to a successful second marriage

That may sound like a strange thing for a divorce attorney to say. Yet I feel comfortable in saying that if more couples used mediation to create a prenuptial agreement prior to getting remarried, more second marriages might last. According to, between 67 and 80 percent of second marriages will end in divorce. That’s… Read more »

What you should know before starting your divorce

Hindsight might be 20-20. After a divorce, it can be downright telescopic. And that’s why it’s not uncommon for a divorced person to lament, “If I had only known that before my divorce.”  While you will learn much about the process while it’s underway, the reality is you can and should learn as much as… Read more »

Stay away from friendly divorce advice

The decision to divorce is not one you make in a vacuum. Most people who make the decision to seek a divorce have some sort of confidant—be it family member or friend—as a sounding board and source of support. It’s when that support turns into advice, particularly if that friend or family member has gone… Read more »

How long will my divorce mediation take?

It’s a question that’s asked quite frequently. The answer is pretty standard: “That depends.” Couples often choose mediation based on the presumption that it will be faster than going through litigation. Typically, that’s correct, but not always. Factors arise in divorces of all kind—litigation, mediation and collaborative—that can prolong negotiation. “That depends” is my stock… Read more »

Must reads for divorcing couples

It’s been said that nothing can prepare you for divorce. Emotionally that can be true. From a practical standpoint, you can prepare yourself for the type of divorce you want and what you might expect after making that choice. That’s why in addition to filling out questionnaires, I send my prospective clients to my blog… Read more »

Why Ben and Jen chose mediation

That headline should probably say, “why Ben and Jen probably chose mediation”. Without knowing the two parties or being involved personally, that’s all I can do. Yet as a practicing mediator for the past 25 years, it’s fairly obvious why a high-profile couple would choose mediation: control. That answer might surprise those of you who… Read more »

3 Reasons Why Divorce Mediation Can Cost More Than It Should

“Time is money”. While this is true in just about any business, it’s even more true in divorce cases. That’s what makes divorce mediation so appealing to many couples. Instead of being at the mercy of the judge and attorneys, divorce mediation puts the onus on the divorcing couple to do the necessary legwork to… Read more »

Wall Street Journal article on mediation

The Wall Street Journal ran an article a few weeks back entitled Five Strategies to Get a Better Deal in Mediation by Veronica Dagher. While the article refers to business as well as divorce mediation, to be honest, it kind of ticked me off—mostly because of the title.