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Why you don’t want to go to court

“I’ll see you in court!” and statements like “having your day in court” might sound good and make for good drama. In divorce, unless you have no other alternative, it’s not a place you want to go for numerous reasons. Particularly if you and your spouse are able to come to an agreement through mediation… Read more »

Preparing for divorce

Can you really prepare for a divorce? Yes. At least in some respects. While everybody handles divorce differently, there are some approaches that make getting through the process easier. Have your financial records in order One thing that can greatly expedite reaching a divorce settlement is having copies of your financial documents ready to go… Read more »

What would I tell a friend?

Going through a divorce is one of the most difficult things you can go through in your life. It literally can define the rest of your life in either a good or bad way. It all depends on your approach. At least, that’s what I would tell a friend about how to go through a… Read more »

Divorcing with ‘adult’ children

“Who gets the kids” is a cliched question associated with many divorces. Yet what happens when the “kids” are really adults between the ages of 18 and 23 and in that next phase of life after high school? Does that or could that impact the type of divorce you choose—litigation, divorce mediation or collaborative divorce?… Read more »

Why would anyone want to be a divorce attorney?

It’s a question I get asked quite often. For each attorney, his or her story is a little different. Mine may not be as inspiring as others, yet it holds one key tenet that’s probably true of all attorneys: problem solving. I am a problem solver. This became apparent to me during my first job… Read more »

3 don’ts for your divorce

People turn to divorce attorneys for guidance on reaching a divorce settlement. In more than 30 years in practice–whether for collaborative divorce, divorce mediation or litigation–the advice I offer often deals with what NOT to do. The top three in the what NOT to do while negotiating a divorce settlement includes: Dating during the negotiation:… Read more »

Who gets the cat?

Divorce mediation and collaborative divorce offer a flexibility you don’t find in litigation. It’s designed that way so that both sides can negotiate, compromise and resolve issues to reach a settlement. The structure of both formats and the willingness of both parties to compromise typically cuts a path to resolution. Until you run into an… Read more »

A way to get closure out of your divorce

Many people go through the divorce process and instead of gaining a sense of closure, they harbor bitterness and resentment. For some, the bitterness never goes away. Now, that could stem from the circumstances of the break-up and certainly every case is different. Yet the type of divorce you choose—-litigation, mediation or collaborative—can be a… Read more »

The call divorce lawyers dread

“___ introduced their new boy/girlfriend to the kids.” Introducing a new significant other before a divorce is final can derail even the smoothest negotiation, whether litigation, mediation or collaborative. Fortunately, collaborative divorce negotiations and the team approach it employs have built-in mechanisms to address these kinds of situations. Namely, a divorce coach. This video put… Read more »