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How to talk to your spouse during collaborative divorce

This may seem like an odd headline. Yet one of the beauties of a collaborative divorce is that many couples actually do learn how to talk to each other during this process. This does not happen by osmosis. It comes from working with a divorce coach prior to and during the negotiation. In a more… Read more »

What you should know before starting your divorce

Hindsight might be 20-20. After a divorce, it can be downright telescopic. And that’s why it’s not uncommon for a divorced person to lament, “If I had only known that before my divorce.”  While you will learn much about the process while it’s underway, the reality is you can and should learn as much as… Read more »

Divorce and the self-employed

Being self-employed has many advantages. No boss to report to, tax deductions, shorter commutes (in most cases), etc. Yet when it comes to divorce, being your own boss can get complicated—whether your spouse is part of your business or not. And that’s why collaborative divorce is often the best method of divorce for self-employed and… Read more »

Stay away from friendly divorce advice

The decision to divorce is not one you make in a vacuum. Most people who make the decision to seek a divorce have some sort of confidant—be it family member or friend—as a sounding board and source of support. It’s when that support turns into advice, particularly if that friend or family member has gone… Read more »

Communicating to get divorced

You’re probably wondering how successful collaborative divorce could be if it relies on people who probably weren’t very good at communicating with each other negotiating important issues directly. Quite simply, the collaborative divorce model includes a coaching element where we work with each spouse on how to communicate with their ex within the process

Collaborative Divorce – Why everybody wins by participating

The benefits of collaborative divorce appeal to many divorcing couples. Those benefits include: private negotiations; in general, shorter period of time to reach a settlement; and, consequently, smaller legal fees. Those benefits, however, come with a commitment: you have to participate. A participation agreement is something I make every collaborative client sign and participation goes… Read more »

Why people haven’t heard of collaborative divorce

Most people haven’t heard of collaborative divorce and that usually presents a great opportunity for me to talk about it. For example, at a recent holiday party, I was talking to an attorney and her husband. She had heard of collaborative divorce, though she did not practice it. But her spouse, a seemingly intelligent and… Read more »

Must reads for divorcing couples

It’s been said that nothing can prepare you for divorce. Emotionally that can be true. From a practical standpoint, you can prepare yourself for the type of divorce you want and what you might expect after making that choice. That’s why in addition to filling out questionnaires, I send my prospective clients to my blog… Read more »

Can your divorce be like your wedding?

The short answer to that question is “yes”. Before you think I’ve lost my mind, think about the process of getting married. The decision-making process is very much like collaborative divorce. First, you and your spouse made a mutual decision to spend the rest of your lives together (in most cases). Then, to varying degrees,… Read more »

Not your typical meeting

As part of every collaborative divorce proceeding, spouses, their attorneys and a facilitator have a series of  “team meetings” to discuss  and negotiate the terms of their divorce. Even if you regularly attend meetings as part of your job, the collaborative team meeting is like no other meeting you will ever attend. Hence, you need… Read more »